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Times 26308 - would you like a little whine with that cheese?

Solving time : A more than slightly distracted 14:44 - I got off to a rip-roaring start, and slowed down right to the end where we finished with one complete biff, so hopefully as I'm writing this up something will come to mind.

There are several faster times than mine on the club timer (Verlaine is already in with half of my time) so I think I made this one out to be more difficult than it actually was.

Away we go...

9AU REVOIR: (semeste)R, I, OVER, U, A all reversed
10BRIO: BRIE missing the last letter, O(egg)
11MESSAGE BOARD: MESS(officers quarters) ABOARD(on ship) surrounding EG reversed
13FOOTIE: F(ans) and then a 0-0 TIE - not sure I've seen this spelling before, though I usually call it soccerball or footgame
14CASHED IN: CAIN(murdere) surrounding SHED
15WICHITA: I,CHIT(note) in WA(Washington State). A city in Kansas
16STROPHE: STROP(outburst of temper), HE
20GETTABLE: alternating letters in GrEaT then TABLE mountain just outside of Cape Town
22RUSTLE: anagram of RESULT
25ONUS: reversal of SUN(daily),O(round)
26ALLIANCE: A, L,L (liberals) then (f)IANCE
2VIRTUOSI: hidden reversed in tennIS OUTRIValled
3ROOM AT THE TOP: I got this from definition - but now I think I see it is MATTHEW (tax collector cum apostle) missing W(weight) surrounded by ROO(jumper) and TOP(shirt)
4EXISTENT: EXTENT(area) containing 1'S
5LAMARCK: sounds like LAMB and ARK - Lamarck had an early theory of evolution as progression that was later contested by Darwin
6GREENS: odd clue - anagram of ENERG(y) followed by S(small). Don't think I've seen "renewable" as an anagram indicator before
7SODA: ADO,S all reversed
8CREDENCE: RED in CE, then (o)NCE
12ONE-HORSE TOWN: SWANAGE is a town containing NAG and WESTON-SUPER-MARE is a town containing MARE
15WAGED WAR: WAG(Jester) and EDWAR(d) Lear
17TURNED ON: E,DON after TURN(period) As pointed out in comments it was probably that "end of period" indicated TURN - video game and board game players know that any period that belongs to you is a TURN
18HULA-HULA: HAUL twice with the A moved to the bottom
19LEVERET: E(njoy),T after LEVER(bar)
21BEAUNE: this wine was my last in and biffed from the definition. A check at Chambers shows I've been mispronouncing it all along, since it is meant to sound like BONE, as in "dry as a bone". Mind you as an Australian who has been living in Canada and the US the last 20 years, there are very few words I pronounce as intended
24SOLD: SO is the note, and L and D are abbreviations for old currency
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