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26302 Good grief, Penfold, I think I know where he's hiding!

18.17 got me home on this one, but that did include being a good scout and actually parsing everything. I also lost time looking for my lucky penny so that I could get 5 right - it came down heads. A few clues needed to be guessed before you had any chance of working out how the wordplay went - I cite 8 and 14d as prime examples, but I suppose they were balanced by clues where, if you just followed the wordplay, the answer miraculously appeared - 2 the best exemplar. Nothing much for those who like a bit of obscurity to complain about, though the most frequent "never 'eard of 'im" composer makes a return visit.

Here are my workings:


1 STROGANOFF (meat in a) dish
Couldn't quite get my head round the carniverous equine of the surface reading, but the wordplay goes: ST(reet) for way, ROAN for horse, G(ood) to be inserted therein, and OFF for bad. I briefly wondered whether there was a theme of cartoon villains to this (cf 12): Stroganoff must surely be out there in a cartoon, but I couldn't find one.
5 QUAD bike
When a gang or SQUAD misses its leader, they turn to bikes. Pedant point: doesn't a bike have just two wheels?
10 AMOROSO sweet sherry
So you write in A MO (second) ROSE (wine) and change the last letter to an O. Don't think I knew this was a sherry designation.
11 AVOWALS statements
So we have the frst letter, A and add some similar letters, which must be VOWELS, mispelled (but not misheard) with an A
12 GREENBACK American ready
Advocate is BACK, tacked on to a GREEN politician. Still a slang term for the dollar?
13 NIECE One family member
Take regular letters from iN nInE aChEd
14 DWEEB jerk
A girl coming out is a DEB, or was when coming out had a posh society meaning. WE "stop" within.
15 ERRONEOUS wrong
If you corrrect the order of letters in USER OR ONE, that's what you get.
17 LOTTERIES Drawers
Not, perhaps, the best known Wind in the Willows character, OTTER features in the episode where Ratty and Mole encounter Pan, cited by excited theologians who want to illustrate what numinous means. LIES  are tales, and post one into the other. And no, it's not otliester, is it?
20 HEGEL Philospher
Well known enough to be included in the Philosopher's SongList is HEEL (think yachts) into which you slip the close of beinG
21 TRUCK vehicle
STRUCK for collided missing its van, or front bit.
23 ABANDONED Rejected
Accespted is DONE as in the done thing, and a group is A BAND. One sits in the other.
25 ASHANTI African
KInd of the setter to give us the qualifier hard for the ASH tree. Attach "not for" ANTI.
26 NEMESIS downfall.
The odd letters of SpIeS is tacked onto the end of E MEN/workers after (half a?) revolution
27 EARN Make
My last, with the wordplay penny dropping only after I realised we hadn't had a "hidden". swimwEAR Not, "clothes" the inclusion indicator
28 IMPRESARIO D'Oyly Carte, say
The man who gave Gilbert and Sullivan their opportunities for silly opera. A capital once is A RIO, added to IMPRESs for stamp, briefly. I once employed a member of the posh side of the family tree, Sir Hadley D'Oyly Bart. Hi Hadders, if you're out there!


1 SLANG jargon.
Take some misses, GALS, turn them upside down so that they become SLAG, and wrap them round N(ew). Make up your own sexist jokes.
2 ROOSEVELT President
Ok, so its (kanga)ROOS (jumpers), EVE (first lady) LosT once it's vacated.
3 GROUND-BREAKING innovative
Straightforward word substitution, GROUNDING for foundation, and BREAK for opportunity, which is stuck into the middle. I so wanted this clue to be somthing like "New gun, rod?", but it isn't.
4 NEONATE Very young kid
Take ONE and NEAT and move 'em around.
5 FLANKER Rugby Player
It is indeed the rugby player you're looking for, though I predict some gloomy complainants with "more direct" instead. FRANKER's first R(ight side) is swapped for a L(eft)
7 USAGE way of speaking or writing.
EG (say) AS (like) and U (posh) are glued together and inverted.
8 DISPERSAL broadcast
Girl is LASS (ignore SAL, and for that matter, DI) Theatre is REP, and I had  is I'D. Assemble and invert
A well concealed anagram of WOMAN DIDN'T PUSH.
14 DELFTWARE pottery crockery items
Well, it's the only word that fits. But for the record, English is E, then thewrong 'un is a RAT, into which you insert the W(ife), and to which you add FLED for split, and then write the whole lot in "up". Phew.
16 ORGANISER arranger.
A composition of FOR A SINGER without the F(emale)
18 IMAGISM School of poetry
Can't say I've heard of it, but the wordplay gives it. Current is I, journal MAG, is is IS, and Metre is M.
19 STAINER composer
A frequent visitor to these shores, John wrote "The Crucifixion". Here, he's produced by putting the extremes of NegativE into STAIR, part of a flight
22 USHEREscort
I think "more dishy" is meant to lead us to LUSHER, from which we remove the first letter of Less.
24 DISCO &lit
One's gives you IS, about C(irca) both placed in a DO, or party, a place where a DISCO might figure.

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