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Times Cryptic 26300

I finished this in a few minutes over the half-hour and would have thought it quite easy had it not been for four obscurities (i.e. words or meanings unknown to me) that interrupted the flow of my journey around the grid and brought me to an abrupt halt within a few feet of the finishing post. I have a busy day in prospect so I shall get on with the blog without further preamble...

1 CHEAT THE GALLOWS - Anagram [wobbly] of CHA{p} HAS TO GET WELL
9 BIG BERTHA - A+GIB (wedge) reversed enclosing BERTH (resting place). I didn’t know this meaning of GIB.
10 OUSEL - {h}OUSE (building), L (lake)
11 CONKER - Sounds like "conquer" (defeat). Cryptic definition.
12 NINETEEN - I (one) + N (unknown number) inside NET (bag), E'EN (even - poetic)
13 EDISON - ED (journalist), I (one), SON (young man). Cryptic definition.
15 SNAPPERS - SS (ship) contains NAPPER (nob - slang for head, as is NAPPER)
18 PATHETIC - PA (old man), THE, TIC (twitching)
19 ORATOR - O (old), RAT (scoundrel), OR (men - Other Ranks)
21 ANECDOTE - Anagram [out] of ONE ACTED
23 LINGAM - MAG (periodical) + NIL (love) all reversed. Completely unknown to me and doesn't seem to have come up ever before.
26 KRAAL - A inside LARK (frolic) reversed
27 HEADLINER - Two definitions, the first being cryptic
28 TAKE NO PRISONERS - Two definitions, the first figurative and the second being cryptic this time. "Bird" refers to time spent in prison.

1 CUBICLE - Sounds like "cubical" (like a square-sided box)
2 ELGIN - EL (the, foreign), GIN (spirit). I'm not clear whether this still qualifies as a city but it certainly did at one time.
3 THEREFORE - THE (clueing itself for the second time today), RE (soldiers), FORE (front)
4 HUTU - HUT (shelter), U (radioactive element - Uranium). Another unknown that doesn’t seem to have come up before except in one Mephisto
5 GRADIENT - Anagram [tricky] of TREADING
6 LOOSE - 00 (ducks) inside LSE (London School - of Economics)
7 OBSCENEST - OB (former pupil - old boy), SCENE (incident), ST (street)
8 SILENUS - SILEN{t} (saying nothing), US (useless) another visitor from a Mephisto. My third unknown today.
14 IN THE DARK - D (daughter) inside IN THE ARK (saved from the flood)
16 PARTIAL TO - PART (character), I (one), ALTO (singer)
17 GIFTSHOP - Anagram [unusual] SIGHT OF P (piano)
18 PLACKET - PET (cat maybe) encloses LACK (need). My fourth unknown, not remembered from its last appearance here in February 2013.
20 REMARKS - Two definitions, one reading it as RE-MARKS
22 DYLAN - Hidden
24 GENRE - GEN (information), RE (about)
25 BALI - I (one) + LAB (brief party - Labour) reversed
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