Cityish Alt-ish Fortyish (verlaine) wrote in times_xwd_times,
Cityish Alt-ish Fortyish

Times 26,267: {N}emesis

A short, sweet and late blog from me again this week, as I managed to poison myself last night (dodgy 22dn may have been involved) so I've spent much of the morning tossing my 3dns, wishing that I could get 15dn from looking after kids, and finding everything 13ac really. Going to go 4dn straightway. Just under 9 minutes to finish this one, so could definitely have been worse for one in my tender condition on a Friday morning. So thanks to the setter for a very fine puzzle, and hope to have recovered by the 5th Dec that I can be in the pub to be berated sternly for repeated dereliction of duty, as I so richly deserve! Now if you'll excuse me I have a sickbed to stagger back to...

1 SCAFFOLDER - one who's got to SOLDER [to join metal parts] outside CAFF [bistro], semi-&lit
6 SCAB - unpopular person with Union: A.B. [Jack] being led by S.C. [special constable]
9 NUT TREE - hazel maybe: NUTTE{r} ["tailed" lunatic] going round RE [about]
10 AGAINST - not for: GAIN [profit] in A ST [a | way]
12 SADHU - holy man: (HAD US*) ["excited"]
13 A BIT THICK - unreasonable: A [article] + BIT [pinched] + THICK [description of thieves perhaps ("thick as...")]
14 ON SPEAKING TERMS - friendly: one mum not so, i.e. "one who is silent is not this"
17 MUCH OF A MUCHNESS - more or less equal: (CHANCE OF US MUMS*) ["somehow"] catching H [husband]
20 WELL KNOWN - familiar: WELL [gracious!] + K{i}N{d} ["regularly"] + OWN [personal]
21 NAPPE - sheet of rock: NAPPE{d} [dropped off "when cut at the end"]
23 TEA LEAF - burglar: (FATE*) ["awful"] after pinching ALE [beer]
24 REIGNED - was number one: homophone of RAINED [dropped "when heard on radio"]
25 HEED - mind: HE{al}ED [better "no longer to have A L{iberal}"]
26 TYPESETTER - ex-Times employee: TYPE [kind] + SETTER [fellow responsible for this puzzle]

1 SANDSTORM - howler affecting visibility: ST [a way] in SAN DORM [hospital | bedroom]
2 ACTED - did something: {ex}ACTED [demanded "after departure of old partner"]
3 FORTUNE COOKIE - biscuit with something in it: FORTUNE [killing, perhaps (as in "make a fortune")] + COOK [doctor] + I.E. [that is]
4 LIE BACK - rest: and to "respond to storyteller in kind" would be to lie back to him
5 EVASION - fencing: EVA'S [girl's] over IO [the moon] + N [new]
7 CONCIERGE - caretaker: (RECCEING O{ld}*) ["ruins"]
8 BATIK - design method: B.A. [graduate] + reverse of KIT ["brought up" equipment]
11 A STITCH IN TIME - prompt repair: AS TITCH IN TIME [like | little chap | home | bird]
15 SICK LEAVE - when working well? on the contrary: SICKLE AVE [old farm tool | welcome]
16 SUSPENDER - band: US [American] appearing in SPENDER [English poet (Stephen)]
18 ALOOFLY - in a way cold: A FLY [a | wing] containing LOO [the smallest room]
19 UNNERVE - rattle: "coming from" {machine-g}UNNER VE{rifiably}
20 WITCH - hexing one: {s}WITCH [trade "bans S{ucceeded}]
22 PINOT - winemaker: reverse of TO NIP ["turning" to | a little Scotch]
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