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Times Cryptic 26263

28 minutes for this one. I blogged this as a last-minute stand-in so I haven't written much, but please ask if further explanations are required.

{deletions} [indicators]

1 CAPSICUM - CAP (beat), anagram [rocking] of MUSIC
6 CASBAH - AB (sailor) reversed inside CASH (money)
9 STUN - STUN{t} (wheeze)
10 ACCUSATION - C (conservative) + USA (country) inside ACTION (hostilities)
11 JUST AS WELL - JUST (very recently), AS WELL (too)
13 LEEK - LEE (shelter), {par}K
14 I DARE SAY - Anagram [novel] of IS A{l}READY
16 VIRAGO - A inside VIRGO (sign of a house)
18 ODDISH - DO (serve) reversed, DISH (food)
20 ITERATES - {c}ITES (names) encloses RATE (judge)
22 FAZE - Sounds like "phase" (chapter). My last one in very much aided by realising we probably had a pangram but were still missing F and Z.
24 RENT-A-QUOTE - Anagram [oddly] of NOT A QUEER T (time)
26 BOTTICELLI - B (British), OTT (excessive), ICE (coolness), ILL (poor) reversed
28 DUEL - U (united) in DEL (key)
29 NO BALL - NOB (aristocrat), ALL (everyone). 'Lord's decision' is the definition.
30 DEMERARA - Hidden and reversed in {pe}AR A REMED{y}. 'From the east' indicates reversal.

2 ASTOUNDED - A (answer), then {righ}T inside SOUNDED (seemed)
3 SENATOR - N (new) inside SEAT (constituency), O{verfamilia}R
4 CHAOS - CHA{d} (republic, minus D for Democrat), SO (very) reversed
5 MAC - Two definitions
6 C'EST LA VIE - Cryptic definition with 'Nice' indicating the answer is in French
7 SETTLER - L (learner) inside SETTER (me - or rather him or her)
8 ATONE - ON (working) inside ATE (scoffed)
12 ELYSIAN - ELY (see), {place}S,  IAN (boy)
15 SPHERICAL - Anagram [awkwardly] of RILES CHAP
17 GUEST BEER - Anagram of SURE BET EG
19 INERTIA - IN (ruling), ER (monarch), then {p}A{p}I{s}T{s} reversed
21 ASUNDER - A, S (small), UN + DER (foreign articles)
23 A GOGO - AGO (in the past), GO (travel)
25 AXIOM - A, XI (team), OM (honour)
27 LAD - DAL{i} (painter) reversed
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