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Times Championship 2015: Prelim one, puzzle three ... learn your antelopes!

I noted Jimbo's comment last week about the need these days for coffee and domestic perambulation to aid his little grey cells; were I to find myself in the Exam Room next year, would I be permitted a thermos flask of expresso? What time does the torture usually commence? My grey cells are on peak form in the mornings (well, some mornings) and go downhill as the day progresses.
I found this slightly easier than last week's except for a couple of unknown words which were derived from wordplay but had to be put in hopefully (not being check-able under exam conditions).

1 CHOMP - H inside COMP; D bite.
4 ASPARAGUS - A SPA is a spring, something fattening = SUGAR from the east is RAGUS; D vegetable.
9 CONCOURSE - CON for Tory, COURSE for hunt, as in hare coursing; D lobby. We had DISCOURSE last week, in the same space, so there is some continuity.
10 CURIO - CU for copper, RIO(T) for street fighting not entirely; D an uncommon thing.
11 OPENER - O = old, PEN = writer, ER = the Queen, D the first to receive; the obligatory cricket clue.
12 BONTEBOK - One sad day I am going to find a definitive list of antelopes and learn them all; I didn't know this one. Wuthering Heights is a BRONTE BOOK; take away the 'seconds' letters of each word and here's your Damaliscus pygargus. Wiki says "Bontebok are not good jumpers, but they are very good at crawling under things." Sounds like our dog Ted.
14 INSINCERE - IN = not leaving the house, SINCE = as, RE = engineers; D not to be trusted.
16 RULER - L inside RUE, then R; D monarch.
17 TOAST - DD.
19 SLAPSTICK - SLAPS = swats, TICK = creepy-crawly; D simple entertainment.
21 EYEGLASS - EG = say, LASS = girl, insert YE = the, old; D what helps a chap focus.
22 WINGER - WINTER is the season, replace the T with a G (good for the time); D footballer. I'm tempted to elaborate WINGER into WHINGER and mention WENGER and Chelsea languishing, but I won't.
25 EBONY - E(xamine), BONY = scrawny; D tree.
26 EQUIPOISE - EQUIP = supply, O = nothing, IE = that is, around S for singular; D balance. Not a word I knew, but I do now.
27 TIT FOR TAT - ins TIT ute, re FOR ms, dic TAT ing; D payment in kind.
28 RIGHT - FRIGHT = panic, remove the F for fine; D moral.

1 CUCKOO IN THE NEST - CUCKOO = mad, IN THE NEST = at home, D uninvited intruder.
2 OUNCE - Hidden large cat in S(O UNCE)REMONIOUSLY.
3 PROTEIN - (TORE)* inside PIN = leg; D what's needed to build muscle.
4 AURA - Alternate letters of tAqUeRiA; D character.In case you wondered, it's a shop which makes tacos. Or taquos?
5 PHENOMENAL - PAL = China (CRS); insert HE (man) and NOMEN (Latin for name); D most unusual.
6 RECITER - (W)RITER = author, not the first; insert CE for church; D one storytelling.
7 GARIBALDI - GI = soldier, insert A RIBALD = a rude; D patriot, he of dead fly biscuit fame.
8 STOCKBROKER BELT - STOCK = cattle, BROKE = stopped running, R = river, BELT = area; D where the rich live. Well, not the Very rich.
13 PERSISTENT - PERS (half of champers), IS, TENT (Spanish red wine); D determined.
15 SPACED OUT - (POT CAUSED)*; D disorientated.
18 TALLY-HO - ALL = quite, YH = gutless youth, inside ('stopping') TO; D cry at blood sports.
20 SKIPPER - S(mall), KIPPER (fish); D head for trawler.
23 GOING - GORING-ON-THAMES is a large Oxfordshire village known to some, perhaps residents of the stockbroker belt; remove the R; D conditions for racing, as in 'the going is soft'.
24 QUIT - QUITE = utterly, remove the E for energy; D give up.
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