Pip Kirby (pipkirby) wrote in times_xwd_times,
Pip Kirby

Championship 2015, Preliminary One, Puzzle two: don't panic yet.

Thus far, I am on target to survive the prelims (had I been in London to enter and not been fazed by the presence of 88 other hopefuls and Magoo, all eyes-down). This one seemed on much the same level as the first, and was completed within my 20 minute target, although one or two bits of parsing needed more thought. Of course, any puzzle with Arsenal in the solution can't be bad.

1 FRANTIC - FR for father, ANTIC(S) = cut short tomfoolery; D overwrought.
5 ABJURES - AB for sailor, J for Jack, (C)URES for salts, perhaps, without the C: D gives up. It's not about curing ailments, it's about curing bacon, for example.
9 DISCOURSE - DISCO for dance, then (SURE)*: D conversation.
10 VINYL - VIN = wine, Y the unknown, L label primarily; D records.
11 LUNCH - LAUNCH = start, loses the A; there's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you're an MEP on expenses perhaps.
12 OMBUDSMAN - Insert BUD (shoot) SM, into OMAN the eastern state, (well, middle eastern); D commissioner.
17 CATHERINE WHEEL - You could biff this from the enumeration, or spot the anagram (A CHEER WHEN LIT E)*.
21 LIGHTEN UP - LIGHT UP = srart smoking, insert (M)EN; D to relax.
23 MYOPE - EPONYM (titled person) reversed, remove the N: D wanting contacts (lenses); a short-sighted person like moi.
24 TRIBE - Find the River TIBER, move the R at the end to second place; D race.
25 PARODYING - OP (work) round RA (artist), all retro = PARO, then DYING = final; D taking off.
26 DRESDEN - DR, (NEEDS)*, anagrind 'mobile'; D city.
27 DOYENNE - YEN = longing, inside DONE = through, finished; D she's admired by juniors.

1 FIDDLE - Insert DD for theologian into FILE for dossier; D cook, as in cook the books.
2 ARSENAL - ReAd, regularly, over, is AR; LANES (passages) elevated is SENAL; D magazine, or The Gunners.
3 TOOTHACHE - Slightly witty cryptic def.
4 CORPORATION - COR = my, exclamation; PORTION = allotment, insert A for area; D concern, as in business 'a going concern'.
5 AXE - AXLE = shaft, lose the L(arge); D fell, chop down.
6 JIVED - D(E VI)J reversed, where DJ = formal attire, E = event's top, VI = six = three couples; D danced.
7 RAN AMOK - A MO (modus operandi, way of working) insode RANK = class; D got out of control.
8 SPLINTER - Replace the R in SPRINTER (runner) wth the other side , L, D breakaway.
13 BAD-TEMPERED - DAB = fish, reversed; TEMPERED = tougher after heating; D peppery.
15 ASHAMEDLY - A SHAM ED = no pukka journalist, L(AD)Y; D with red face?
16 SCULPTED - SCUL(L) is a brief row, P T E D first letters (leads) to Program's Top Exec Defending; D what Moore did.
18 TAGLINE - S leaves STEALING to give the anagrist (TEALING)*; D end of joke.
19 EROSION - OR (men) inside NOISE (racket), all reversed; D long term damage.
20 MEAGRE - Hidden word in HO(ME AGRE)EMENTS; D spare.
22 TREAD - THREAD = drift, loses its H; D walk.
25 PEN - OPEN = begin, remove O for old; DD a bird (female swan) or a cage.
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