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26230 In which I find the setter a giver of grave ire test. It's ever great.

I thought long and hard about this one, dithering at the last about the poet with two candidates in mind, stopping the clock at a fairly desperate 33.29 - not a score to trouble the competition. I could claim that I'm a bit out of practice, as I've missed three of the last five due to conficts of interest, but I don't suppose they'll make allowances for that on Saturday. Full marks to anyone who plucked 9d out of thin air. I do believe I've come up against it before, but in a way in which the letter order and meaning are at best blurred. Add to that struggling to find the climbing plant that I was convinced filled out 3 down, and it's kind of easy to see where much of the time went. That said, I believe I have it all, and it looks like this:


i HAVOC  mayhem
We let slip the dogs of with a nice simple inclusion: sucH A VOCal, a piece of which creates our answer.
4 CHOW MEIN  dish
O my, another easy one. "My" in German with a CHOW dog put first. Cantonese for "secret weapon to make westerners despair of using chopsticks".
8 NEGATIVE EQUITY  can prevent you moving..
...since  your mortgage has been overtaken by your plummeting house value. Translation of no and justice.
10 SUETONIUS (old) historian

Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus wrote, inter alia, De Vita Caesarum, biographies of the first twelve Caesars. Our students are the National Union of Students, into which you insert a Latin one. Following instructions you place that that construct after SUET/fat and O(ld)
11 DONNE poet
A bell tolled the hastening seconds for me (I didn't ask) as I scratched around to work out how this could be Dante. Or Dunne. Or some other poet whose letters would fill the gaps. Only when I remembered the old legal maxim "de accentibus non curat tempora" did the penny drop. A DONNÉ is indeed a basic assumption. We'll take that as a given
12 BEWAIL  Lament
A judge might grant BAIL to keep bridge partners East and West together. Though I wouldn't bother. East has never forgiven West for calling 3 no trumps when they were vulnerable.
14 REIGNING  current
As in ...champion. in a supple, bendy way, the letters of ENGINE RIG missing one of the E(nergy)s provides our answer
17 OMISSION  Failure
A new (I think) addition to spectacles for OO and suchlike. O resembles a bullet hole if the setter wants it to, and Davy, Davy Crockett's Alamo was a MISSION station before it became the legendary failed defence and/or care hire company.
18 SATNAV  travel guide
I was struggling to remember those weird words like dragoman and had to do a U turn where possible in order to reach my destination. The day is SAT, and sailors NAVy minus
20 EWERS  spouted things
Commonly pronounced HEWERS of wood would lose their aitch.
22 STREETCAR  Desire for one (example)
Best of the bunch for me, not least because the large plant even I have heard of, because it's just a TREE. Back of cleft is T: pair those two and insert into SCAR for cliff.
A cryptic definition in which you have to untangle the inherent negatives
25 UGLINESS  nothing attractive...
...unless you have a taste for 60's concrete brutalism, of course. America gives US, insert G(ood) LINES for "routes"
26 TINGE Slight colouring
You have to work hard to split the segments properly. "For one" provides E.G. and "egg" NIT. Assemble and reverse.


Really translates to HONEST with a bit of license, and BROKE for damaged needs the R from the back end of affair.
2 VOGUE  popularity
Once you realise that I is in Latin, and remember EGO, V is also Latin for see, as in V(ide), all you have to do is chuck in a U(niversity) and reverse the lot
A rather neat &lit in which the (rather full) heart of s(CHOLASTIC)s is trained to produce the "
members of the fastest growing religion in the world, my boy."
4 CAVE IN abandon resistance
If everyone deserts Call, you are left with the C. Add A VEIN, which is a (blood) vessel.
The wild olive, so I'm informed. There isn't a festival called EANDER, so settle for the one that, after LO(ok) "up" produces the tree.
6 MOULD  fungus
...or indeed form (verb)
7 INTENTION   Meaning
Does sound remakably like "in tension", under strain
9 TERGIVERSATE  change sides
Give a new order to REVISE TARGET. I think there's only one way to fill the checkers, but this is a monstrous, pretentious concoction which, for all its usefullness to describe what politicians do, should really be laid to rest. Bleh!
13 WHITE FLAG  signal to enemy
The anagram indicator is "flares", and the raw material LIGHT A FEW
15 GRAPESHOT  Ammunition
Looks horrified: GAPES, R(esistance) and burning: HOT. Assemble for primitive shrapnel
16 NOISETTE A little lamb
The top dog might well be the No 1 SETTER. Take the finish off
19 TROOPS  Soldiers
R(un) O(ver) is contained withing TOPS, which is what singlets can be.
21 SAUDI Arab
A small sound systtem would be a S AUDIO. omit 0 (nothing)
23 CABIN  compartment
CAIN is your murderer, his victim Abel. The first of Blood provides the "concealed" B.
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