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Times 26217 - it's there, just.

A straightfoward enough puzzle, no obscurities, 16 minutes, a few cunning traps to fall into if you were a biffer, and yes, it's there, just; today's cricket related clue, near the end. I wonder (but I can't be bothered to do the analysis) what percentage of Times puzzles don't have a cricket-linked clue in them? I suspect it's a low figure; do our transatlantic friends need to be kept believing we're a cricket-obsessed nation of white-flanneled chaps and Roedean ladies?
Anyway, here's the blog.
D = definition, DD = double D, [A] = anagrind, if amusing or not obvious.

1 AIR SCOUT - AIRS (displays), C(O)UT = O in style; D uniformed youngster. Of course, the temptation to write in BOY instantly was there, then I thought, there are others; AIR, SEA, for example, which one parses? Black mark for anyone who had to erase BOY or CUB.
5 ELISHA - (ISH AEL)*; D prophet.
9 COBBLERS - DD; I think a cobbler in this case is a sort of pie without a bottom crust, but that might be cobblers.
10 GOBLET - GOB (mouth) LET (allowed); D drinking vessel.
12 SAUNA - SUN (newspaper) then A (article) around A; D a session in the spa?
13 MIDSEASON - (MADISON SE)*, where SE = S(QUAR)E empty; D in the heart of winter?
14 CHARING CROSS - CHAOS = havoc; insert RING, CR; add S (near south); D London terminal.
18 LAMENTATIONS - LA MEN are Hollywood folk, maybe; Jacques TATI'S = French director's; insert ON = performing; D biblical work. This sprang to mind quickly as it's the last of the six C J Sansom novels about Henry VIII and I finished it recently, the best of the set IMO.
21 STAGE PLAY - AGE and PL inserted into STAY = holiday; D live entertainment.
23 VERNE - Reverse all; EN RE V = in French, about, volume; D he wrote.
24 ANTHEM - THE M(ASS) after A N(EW); D hymn.
25 FAIR ISLE - F(emale), AISLE, insert IR; D knitwear. A sweater with a complex multicoloured or striped pattern.
26 TO DATE - Slightly witty DD.
27 IDOLISED - I DO LIED = I perform song, insert S(HOW); D worshipped by fans.

1 ACCUSE - CU'S inserted into ACE; D charge.
2 RUB OUT - RU (rugby) BOUT (match); D put an end to.
3 CALLAGHAN - CALL A GHAN(A) = name, most of African country, after A; D former British PM.
4 UNREMARKABLY - UN (a French) RELY (bank), insert MARK and AB for the currency and the sailor; D not surprisingly.
6 LOOSE - (B)OO(K) = OO, inside LSE; D inaccurate.
7 SOLO STOP - SO LOST = very confused, OP = work; D piece for organ. A jolly interesting list of around 2000 organ stops - useful for setters? - can be found here: http://www.organstops.org/
8 ARTINESS - (STAINER'S)*; D showing such cultural pretension.
11 IDENTITY CARD - I'D (CERTAINTY)*, D (back of pad); D personal document.
15 CANAVERAL - Insert AVER (state) into CANAL (water); D name of cape in US. For 11 years it was re-named Cape Kennedy but now it's Cape Canaveral again; is this because JFK was shown to be rather less of a saintly well-behaved chap than we'd first thought?
16 CLASS ACT - CLASS (kind), ACT (deed); D impressive person. I liked this one.
17 IMPARTED - I'M PARTED = my spouse has left me! D revealed.
19 CRISIS - C(AMPE)R = camper losing contents, ISIS = river (as the Thames around Oxford is so called); D emergency. There's a long list of things which are no longer called ISIS because of the connotations of the jihadist army, among them its use as a name for a hurricane, but I believe the river is still the Isis.
20 LEGEND - D 27 player = idolised player; LEG = side in cricket, END = goal.
22 ERECT - Hidden reversed in IMPORTAN(T CERE)MONY; D standing up.
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