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Times Cryptic 26120

This one presented me some problems with a few unfamiliar words and meanings, however there were a number of really easy clues to make up for these difficulties and I never doubted that I would get through it unaided.

Deletions are in curly brackets

1 BACK-FORMATION - Two definitions, one with reference to sport, the other to grammar where 'couth' is deemed to be a 'back-formation' derived from 'uncouth'.
8 PLAN - PLAN{t} (works)
9 CANTONMENT - TO + N (north) + MEN (soldiers) inside CANT (slope). The first of my unknown words today.
10 SYNCOPAL - {admissio}N inside anagram of CALYPSO. And here's my number two already.
11 OLDISH - LO (look) reversed, DISH (someone beautiful)
13 ACQUAINTED - ACE (expert) contains QUAINT (charmingly old), D (duke). I don’t quite understand the definition here, but I suppose if acquainted with someone one might feel at home with them. Maybe I'm missing something.
16 ARCH - Two definitions
17 BIND - Two definitions
18 TETRAMETER - MET (got together) inside anagram of RETREAT
20 AGORAS - OR (gold) inside AGAS (Ottoman bigwigs)
22 WHEATEAR - HEAT (passion) inside WEAR (don)
24 FLOORBOARD - R (river) + BOAR (animal) inside FLOOD (torrent)
26 PAIR - P (quiet), AIR (manner)

1 BELLYACHING - BELL (warning), YACH{t}ING (sport at sea)
2 CONIC - {i}CONIC (of image)
3 FACE PAINT - PAIN (soreness) inside FACET (ingredient)
4 RINGLET - RING (call), TEL (telephone) reversed
5 A GOGO - AGOG (very eager), 0 (nothing)
6 IMMEDIATE - MEDIA (those bringing us news) inside anagram of TIME
7 NUN - N{0}UN (word identifying person)
12 SECRETARIES - SECRET (hidden), ARIES (stars)
14 UNDERGONE - UNDER (working for), G{overnment}, ONE (I)
15 DEAD-ENDED - A + DEN (haunt) + {ha}D inside DEED (performance). I assume 'in Las Vegas' is there to tell us that it's an American term for 'stopped', yet another unknown for me.
19 TOWPATH - P (parking) inside anagram of WHAT TO
21 SOBER - SOB (weep), ER (hesitation)
23 TOPIC - TOP (chief), IC (in charge)
25 LAC - Sounds like "lack" (not enough). This alternative spelling of 'lakh' came up within the past couple of months and caught me out but I was on to it immediately today.

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