Jerry (jerrywh) wrote in times_xwd_times,

The 2014 Turkey is Cooked!

Hello All from Sotira and JerryWh

The turkey is now ready to serve... and you can get some here. (the link leads to a .pdf download, or you can solve online).

Having stuffed, cooked, basted and tested it, it is now out of the oven and available for solving. Have too many cooks spoiled the broth? Or have many hands made light work? Only you can decide.. and then do post a comment below. Our Celebrity Guest Blogger will publish the solution and his (or her?) blog next Saturday, 20th December, so please don't give hints or answers to clues in the meantime...

All of the clues have been written by the volunteer setters. Sotira and I provided some feedback and comment, but we have tried to co-ordinate efforts and aim for a balanced grid overall rather than getting too involved in the clue creation process.

Jerry says...
It turns out to be hard work cooking a turkey! Sotira's feat in doing it entirely unaided last year is impressive indeed. I enjoyed every minute of this, though, and I hope the volunteer setters did too... I think having two editors worked quite well, and may have somewhat improved the end result by allowing more interaction with the setters and by providing a second opinion in cases of doubt.

Sotira says...
A particular thank you to all those in “my half of the draw”, especially those who had to endure my sometimes cack-handed attempts at editorship. Thank you, also, to those who went out of their way to make the email correspondence a pleasant distraction. There were some very entertaining exchanges. To the editors at The Times — I have no idea how you do it. I have enough trouble keeping one grid straight.

We both say:
THANK YOU to the volunteers who have provided such an interesting set of clues, to our two intrepid test solvers, George H and Janie B, and to our Special Celebrity Guest Blogger...

And also THANK YOU to the setters who do something similar on a regular basis throughout the year, and help to make The Times cryptic crossword the flagship of the crossword world. And let us not forget the (other) bloggers, and the regular commenters here, who make TFTT the flagship of the crossword blogging world..

Happy Christmas to all!

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