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Saturday Times 25765 (19th April)

Solving time 14:05, so I found it much easier than the previous week's one, although a lot of people commented on how tricky this one was (and the leaderboard tends to back them up). Good puzzle.

1 UNCLE - UNCLEAN (spotted), minus A + N(ote). Def: relative.
4 ALBACORE - (A cable)* around OR (yellow). Def: tuna.
8 BLOW HOT AND COLD - BLOW (a powerful stroke) + HOT AND COLD (taps). Def: be inconsistent.
10 EASTBOUND - (to a sunbed)*. Def: not chasing the sun (as the sun goes from east to west).
11 OZONE - sound like "owes own". Def: something refreshing.
12 LAPUTA - LA (city) + PUT (to place) + A (last letter of "sea"). Def: Island king could move - the flying island in Gulliver's Travels.
14 CRABMEAT - CREAT(e) (fuss endlessly) around ABM (antiballistic missile). Def: hermit's flesh?
17 PORTRAIT - I (one) inside RAT (desert), east of PORT (harbour). Def: oil perhaps.
18 CRUSOE - C (high speed - symbol for the speed of light) + RUSE (device) around O (nothing). Def: lonely islander.
20 NAAFI - cryptic definition. The acronym stands for Navy, Army and Air Force Institute.
22 SOAP OPERA - SO (it follows) + A POP (each) + ERA (time). Def: a TV programme.
24 COUNTERSIGNING - COUNTER (bar) + SIGNING (new recruit).
25 SNOWED IN - hidden inside "blizzards - now Edinburgh's". Def: this?
26 SCARF - FRACAS (scrap) reversed but with only one A. Def: stole.

1 UMBRELLA PINE - (MP, unreliable)*. Def: supplier of timber. Another name for the stone pine according to Chambers. I'd never heard of it.
2 CHOPS - HOPS (proceeds with one leg) below C(aught). Def: trap, i.e. mouth. Last one in for me, and it took me a minute to see it at the end.
3 EXHIBITOR - EXIT (leaving) around H I B (first letters of Hanging In Bathroom) + O.R. (other ranks = men). Def: shower.
4 ARTHUR - EARTH (world) minus the first letter (leader's departed), + R.U. (Rugby Union = game) reversed. Def: king.
5 BENIDORM - BEN (high rise for the Scots) + I (one) + DORM (room for the rest). Def: resort.
6 CACAO - CA (circa = not exactly) twice + O(utsiders). Def: seeds.
7 ROLLOVERS - ROLL OVER (readily surrender) + S(mall). Def: extensions to prize fund.
9 GET THE HANG OF - GET (receive) + [HE (man), H(usband) inside TANGO (dance)] + F(ollowing). Def: master.
13 PORTADOWN - PORT (pilot's left) + [W, N (directions) after ADO (trouble)]. Def: Irish town.
15 BURROUGHS - RUB (polish) reversed + ROUGHS (preliminary sketches). Def: American writer. Edgar Rice or William, take your pick.
16 AIRSPEED - (praise)* + ED (one who might manage Times). Def: Jumbo with such rapidity?
19 KANSAN - KAN(e) (Citizen famously filmed, briefly) + SAN (hospital). Def: American statesman.
21 I KNOW - sounds like "aye", "no" (referendum options). Def: Here's an idea.
23 EVITA - ETA (estimated time of arrival = predicted showing time) around VI (six). Def: film.


Apr. 26th, 2014 12:33 pm (UTC)
'Own' is the fifth definition of 'private' in Chambers, so if there's sloppiness it's on their part!
I'm not sure what happened with this puzzle, but I seem to have found it much easier than everyone else: my time was 11:48. I'm sure this must be a PB if measured in Magoos.
Apr. 26th, 2014 02:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks keriothe. I am happy to stick to the convention that if a definition is in one of the big dictionaries, it is fair crossword game, whatever I think of it personally.