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Saturday Times 25675 (4th Jan)

Solving time 15:33, with a couple of minutes at the end spent puzzling over 11ac and 5dn. Good to be back to normal with only a week between puzzle and blog. Quite a lot of literature and popular culture in this one, but nothing too obscure I think. I like the CD at 10dn, so that gets my COD.

1 PAIL - sounds like "pale".
3 OCEAN-GOING - ONGOING (current) around alternate letters of "crew as".
9 FLATTEN - i.e. FLAT 10.
11 SHATTER - HAT (bowler) inside STER(n) (back having reduced). Definition total, as in to wreck.
12 PAIN IN THE NECK - cryptic definition.
14 SWEDE - double definition.
15 AEGEAN SEA - E(nglish) inside AGE (time) + (m)ANSE (heading from clergy house) + A.
17 RURITANIA - RITA (girl) inside RUN (race), + A1 (excellent) reversed. Fictional European kingdom created by Anthony Hope.
19 DOMED - DO (create) + MED (a body of water).
21 TRANQUILLISER - QUILL (old writer) inside (trainers)*
24 RETINUE - RUE (regret) around NITE (evening) reversed.
25 TITANIA - AT IT (busy) reversed, + (in a)*.
26 WORLD-WEARY - (lad we)* inside WORRY (plague).
27 MYTH - hidden in "dreamy this".

1 PUFF PASTRY - PUFF (dragon) + PAST (finished) + R(eall)Y.
2 IMAGINE - double definition, the second for the John Lennon song.
4 CONSTRAIN - CONS (criminals) + TRAIN (vehicle).
5 AISLE - PAISLEY (material), minus the first and last letters. Last one I got.
6 GRAVEYARD SLOT - (lavatory dregs)*.
7 INTAKES - IN (popular) + [K(ing) in SEAT (throne) reversed].
8 GARB - BRAG (crow) reversed.
10 TOILET-TRAINED - cryptic definition.
13 BALDERDASH - BALDER (god) + — (dash).
16 GLADIATOR - GATOR (snapper) around (Dali)*. Film from 2000 starring Russell Crowe.
18 ROTATOR - definition + description. Not really a cryptic clue, is it?
20 MASONRY - SON inside MARY.
22 QUEUE - sounds like the letter Q.
23 BROW - R(ight) inside BOW (front).


Jan. 11th, 2014 05:22 pm (UTC)
24:08 on the club timer. I was held up for ages by 11ac, because I considered and rejected early on the possibility that "bowler" might give HAT: I was sure such a clear DBE would have to be indicated in the Times. Not that I mind DBEs particularly , but my "knowledge" of this rule made the clue difficult to solve.