Times 28,043: Sei Nett, Spule Zurück

I found this relatively gentle overall, finishing in under 7 minutes, though I was definitely helped by having come across 10ac before and that therefore being my FOI, rather than a source of puzzlement. There were some really nice moments in this grid though, 12ac, 16ac and 14dn particularly tickling my fancy. All in all a good Friday, and I anticipate agreement. Thanks setter!

Definitions underlined, (ABC)* indicating anagram of ABC, {} deletions and [] other indicators.

1 Diverts variety acts with half of recording? (5,5)
TURNS ASIDE - TURNS [variety acts] with A-SIDE
6 Twelve back-to-back refusals (4)
NOON - NO + reversed NO
9 Innovative artists in revolutionary city flourish (3,4)
NEW WAVE - reverse WEN [as in The Great Wen that is London] + WAVE [flourish]
10 One grazing animals gets air exercising (7)
AGISTER - (GETS AIR*). This has come up in Times puzzles before, thank goodness
12 Vagrant blacked out a lot (10)
13 Wrath in country deprived of land (3)
IRE - IRE{land}
15 Forest close to airport burning (6)
ARDENT - ARDEN [as in the forest in As You Like It] + {airpor}T
16 Faithful friend concealing Conservative party's latest fraudulence (8)
QUACKERY - QUAKER [as in, member of the religious Society of Friends] "concealing" C, plus {part}Y
18 Butt from corner disposed of outside area (8)
HOGSHEAD - HOG [corner] + SHED "outside" A
20 Ships seized by war-mad admiral? (6)
ARMADA - hidden in {w}AR-MAD A{dmiral}
23 Last of seamen to swig drink (3)
NOG - {seame}N {t}O {swi}G
24 Nonconformists waste nothing they say (10)
REFUSENIKS - REFUSE [waste] + homophone of NIX
26 Missile turned over HQ, crossing river (7)
TORPEDO - reversed O DEPOT, "crossing" R
27 Not always where top columnists work? (2,5)
AT TIMES - somewhat ingratiating double def
28 Celebrated dynasty (4)
SUNG - double def. This is the Wade-Giles romanization, bad luck if you put SONG (which doesn't mean celebrated) or SANG (which isn't a dynasty). If you somehow put SENG though I have no sympathy
29 Provocative church featured in local chronicle (10)
1 Leader leaves men in dry shelter (4)
TENT - {m}EN in TT [teetotal = dry]
2 Turned back, being hurt again? (7)
REWOUND - or RE-WOUND, as in "wound for a second time"
3 Mr Ed supporting son who's standing provokingly? (8-5)
STALKING-HORSE - S supported by Mr Ed the TALKING HORSE. A political candidate put forward to divide the opposition, e.g.
4 Nosily picks up small coins (6)
SCENTS - S CENTS. "Nosily picks up" as in, "picks up with one's nose"
5 Face villain failing to initiate exchange (8)
7 Strikers on team? Not likely! (7)
OUTSIDE - if you are on strike, you are OUT, and a team is a SIDE. As in "an outside chance"
8 Breeder runs many dodgy houses I hesitate to say (10)
NURSERYMAN - (RUNS MANY*) "houses" ER...
11 Forcibly conditioned with art, not love? (13)
14 Pals inspiring another's schemes (10)
17 Rugby player hits low note, roughly a fortnightly occurrence (4-4)
HALF-MOON - HALF [rugby player] + MOO [low, like a cow] + N
19 Pioneering Russian paper set up in advance (7)
GAGARIN - reversed RAG in GAIN
21 A barrister recalled eponymous heroine before 6 once (3-4)
ACK-EMMA - A + reversed KC [king's counsel] + EMMA [Austenian heroine], for a.m. or pre-noon as spelled out in the good old days. I feel like I never heard of pip or toc or ack emma for decades and then suddenly they're all over the place in crosswords...
22 I'm off to appraise housing development (6)
25 My investment company's base (1,3)
I SAY - ISA [investment, as in Individual Savings Account] + {compan}Y

Times Quick Cryptic No 1929 by Teazel

I enjoyed today's Quick Cryptic from Teazel a lot. Teazel at his teaziest. It's a bit tricky in places with a couple of cryptic definitions and a few cryptic hints; a good test of lateral thinking. It helps to know your old masters and your computer network devices too. Plenty of places to get stuck, then, so well done if you came through unscathed. This took me a good 2 minutes longer than yesterday's, finishing in 5:38. How did everyone else get on?

Fortnightly Weekend Quick Cryptic. This time it is my turn to provide the extra weekend entertainment. You can find the latest crossword, entitled "Staycation Time", here. Enjoy! And if anyone is interested in our previous offerings you can find an index to them here.

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Times Quick Cryptic No 1928 by Orpheus

Some quite tricky things going on in an inventive puzzle from Orpheus: I was a 9:30 DNF, with a couple of optimistic guesses at 20ac before giving up and clicking on the answer. I was held up elsewhere in the SW, with 12d needing a bit of thought, and both elements of 13ac being closer to a guess than peripheral knowledge. I vaguely remember struggling with long answers like 2d and 3d when I first started these things, and I certainly needed them today for the tricky 1ac. Nice one - many thanks to Orpheus!

1 Ethnic group eccentric’s source of information on course (8)
RACECARD - RACE (ethnic group) CARD (eccentric, rake, etc.)
5 Brandy and stuff going west (4)
MARC - CRAM (stuff) "going west"
8 Group of languages used in urban tutorials (5)
BANTU - "used in" urBAN TUtorials
9 Mail worker’s position at head of staff (7)
POSTMAN - POST (position) at head of/in front of MAN (staff, as a verb). The " 's " is possessive in the surface reading and a contraction of "is" for "equals" in the cryptic (also in 1ac).
11 Bury loose cash where motorways cross (11)
INTERCHANGE -INTER (bury) CHANGE (loose cash)
13 Goodman, for example, consuming large fish (6)
BLENNY - BENNY (Goodman, for example) consuming L(arge). 
14 Folk regularly request small vessels for wine, say (6)
FLASKS - FL (FoLk "regularly") ASK (request) S(mall)
16 Bar Eritrean eccentric, one holding up 1 down? (11)
TRAINBEARER - anagram (eccentric) of BAR ERITREAN. Train as in a trailing dress.
18 A requirement one’s retained for cake flavouring, perhaps (7)
ANISEED - A NEED (a requirement) with I'S (one's) retained. I'm not sure I'd thank you for an aniseed flavoured cake. (Well I would, but I'm not sure I'd mean it.)
19 Books ambassador left outside lodging-place (5)
HOTEL - OT (Old Testament = books) has HE (His Excellency = ambassador) and L(eft) outside. Tricksy construction.
20 Sound made by piano technician? Something fishy here (4)
TUNA -"sound made by [saying]" TUNER (piano technician). Tricky enough, with options aplenty and an oblique definition. I was thinking things like ting and tank.
21 Moderated rage displayed by top journalist (8)
TEMPERED - TEMPER (rage) by ED[itor] (top journalist)

1 Formal garment initially receiving award (4)
ROBE - R ("initially" Receiving) OBE (award)
2 Concern for othersthat’s something to think about (13)
CONSIDERATION - double defintition
3 Put up with features (11)
COUNTENANCE - double definition
4 Provide information about sound of gunshot (6)
REPORT - double definition
6 Silly idiot ran trams — in this capacity? (13)
ADMINISTRATOR - anagram (silly) of IDIOT RAN TRAMS. "This" refers back to the running/managing of trams.
7 Study poetry? The opposite (8)
CONVERSE - CON (study) VERSE (poetry). To con for to study crops up frequently enough.
10 Award given to student for exceptional erudition? (11)
SCHOLARSHIP - somewhere between an &lit and a double definition.
12 Remove painting by Kandinsky, possibly (8)
ABSTRACT - double definition. To abstract as in to extract.
15 Stick one’s nose in, hearing gong (6)
MEDDLE - "hearing" MEDAL (gong) gets you the answer.
17 Good young fellow, and contented (4)
GLAD - G(ood) LAD (young fellow)
Linus van Pelt

28042 Thursday, 29 July 2021 When Quince the Eskimo gets here...

A pleasingly catholic mix of science and arts, history and politics where you can feel chuffed if you have the relevant breadth of knowledge, but apart from 4ac, perhaps, it doesn’t matter if the background information is outside your ken.
I swanned through this in somewhat piecemeal manner, taking a total of 18 minutes, and timing my submit to get the nice round number. As I like to do on a blogging day, I parsed everything as I went along, though I’m still not completely comfortable with 13dn.
You’ll all be pleased to know that today I have come out of mandatory isolation, ten days of making the contents of my fridge/freezer stretch to the limit, so none of you is in any danger of the pandemic virus as you read my ramblings. Members of my family who contracted Covid are thankfully recovering, though it’s too early to know if there will be any longer-term effects.
I present my findings below, with clues, definitions and SOLUTIONS

1 Yank coming across hard and tough (4)
THUG Yank here is just TUG, “coming across” means it surrounds, in this case, H(ard)
4 Near iconic manoeuvring of ancient politician (10)
CICERONIAN Cicero “was a Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, philosopher and Academic Skeptic” of immense significance in the development of the Republic around the time of Julius Caesar, famous for his oratory which set standards for political and philosophical debate, which is the bit we need to know to develop the adjective from his name. The clue is &littish, an anagram (manoeuvring) of NEAR ICONIC
9 Like a councillor to be tree-crazy (10)
ALDERMANIC The tree is ALDER, crazy gives MANIC
10 Chaps in rags (4)
GUYS I thought there might be many alternatives here, given the crossing letters, but fortunately our answer is doubly defined, guys in the second instance being rags in the sense of ridicules or makes fun of.
11 Stage carpenter may be in a jam (6)
QUINCE So not whatever the theatre equivalent is of chippie, but the joiner from A Midsummer Nights Dream. And a fruit we once harvested in our garden which Mrs Z successfully made into a palatable jelly.
12 Marconi for example on Isle of Wight holiday, forgetting a name (8)
INVENTOR The IoW holiday destination is IN VENTNOR, where I once attended a Boys Brigade camp. Forget one of the Ns. Marconi was (as any skuleboy kno) celebrated as the inventor of radio.
14 With stick, finally force waste away (4)
PINE Stick is PIN, add the last of forcE.
15 Laying out corpse, used correct legal form (3,7)
DUE PROCESS  I worried this might be Latin, known or not, but it turns out that the anagram (laying out) of CORPSE USED is plain English. Phew.
17 Current collector’s chart on seasonal entertainment (10)
PANTOGRAPH Cunning definition. Electric railway engines picking current up from overhead cable use a flexible parallelogram framework (as I’m sure you’ve seen). That’s what this is, made up here of PANTO as seasonal entertainment and GRAPH as chart.
20 Military vehicle hummed, emitting sulphur (4)
TANK Hummed here in the sense of smelled bad, STANK, emitting (losing) S(ulphur)
21 For each piece of leather husband, avoided strong chemical (8)
PEROXIDE Most familiar perhaps as blondifying liquid, one of the simplest chemicals H2O2. PER means for each, OXHIDE is the leather, remove the H(usband) (avoided) probably a good idea when the process is going on. The husband’s only role is to say how lovely it looks afterwards.
23 Plant maize occasionally at the side of a pasture (6)
AZALEA Take alternate (occasionally) letters of mAiZe and attach them to the side of A LEA, pasture.
24 Buzzer wasn’t loud? (4)
WASP Like this, simple as it may be. Wasn’t loud, so WAS P (musical soft)
25 Greek and another European secure trouble-free route to top job? (6,4)
GREASY POLE We are indebted to Disraeli for this description of the route to the Premiership of the UK. GR(eek) and POLE (the other European) “secure” EASY for trouble free, which obviously it was not.
26 Excelled with way to crack homework: cheating! (10)
DISHONESTY My last in. Excelled gives SHONE, the way is ST(reet) both enclosed in DIY for homework, Do It Yourself home repairs and such.
27 Parties at hotel making money (4)
DOSH Parties are DO’S, and the H comes this time from H(otel)

2 Be deluded, giving order to heal lunatic (11)
HALLUCINATE An anagram (giving order to) of HEAL LUNATIC
3 Young, run vigorously in protected area (5,4)
GREEN BELT In the UK, an area of rural delights you’re not supposed to build on. Young is GREEN, and those of you that understood race giving SHOOT a couple of days ago will find run vigorously giving BELT a bit easier.
4 Approve remark with one final change (7)
COMMEND One of those clues which is content with asking for a change of one letter (here the end one) to another completely random one, in this case T at the end of COMMENT (remark) to D.
5 Generosity in debates about reformed senate (15)
CONSIDERATENESS CONSIDERS for debates incloses an anagram (reformed) of SENATE.
6 Get better to lay bet off again (7)
RECOVER Laying off a bet covers the bookie against losses, so he or A N Other does it more than once is RE-COVER
7 One night in Montreal: I’ve come a long way south? (5)
INUIT I’m informed that Montreal is indeed a distance south of Inuit territory. Since Montreal is Francophone(ish), night there is NUIT. Put one (I) on the beginning.
8 Hangman perhaps dispatching old Punch (5)
NOSER A hangman might fancifully be called a NOOSER. Take out one of the O(ld)s
13 Director wants George to introduce boy and two neighbours at play (5,6)
ORSON WELLES Actor/director of Citizen Kane and that notorious radio version of War of the Worlds. Now, I’ve got George as ORWELL to introduce SON for boy, and the best I can do for the remaining E and S is that they are two neighbours on a compass. Not sure where “at play” comes in. Suggestions?
16 Was briefly unconscious of animal tipped to win (9)
CATNAPPED  The random animal is a CAT, and NAPPED does indeed mean tipped to win in horse racing terminology.
18 Bad behaviour initially stamped out, but not stopped (5,2)
GOING ON Bad behaviour is GOINGS ON, but instead of eliminating the first letter as looks prescribed, you eliminate the initial letter of Stamped.
19 No evidence of bits of grain in grass (7)
HEARSAY Bits of grain are EARS, place inside HAY for grass. Inadmissible evidence in court
21 Pressure was frightening, felt by dog? (5)
PAWED P(ressure) plus AWED for was frightening
22 Gets bigger flags, dropping one (5)
RISES Flags (the flowers) are IRISES. Remove one of the I’s

Times Quick Cryptic 1927 by Corelli

Not as easy as yesterday, but no real problems solving. Parsing a couple wasn't quite so straight forward though, and I'm prepared to admit I'm wrong on 2dn...

As it's a Corelli, I was looking out for a literary theme, but to no avail. Perhaps you've had better luck?

Definitions underlined.

1 Boxer grabbing an Indian every so often is joking (7)
PUNNING - PUG (boxer) containing (grabbing) every other letter from (every so often) aN iNdIaN.
5 Tribe of 50 in prison (4)
CLAN - L (fifty) in CAN (prison).
9 Medical officer to exploit timid creature (5)
MOUSE - MO (Medical Officer) and USE (exploit).
10 Catch two short of a dozen, and cheer (7)
HEARTEN - HEAR (catch) and TEN (two short of a dozen).
11 Self-centredness, IMO, gets out of hand (7)
EGOTISM - anagram of (out of hand) IMO GETS.
12 Not entirely logical — often up in the air (5)
ALOFT - hidden in (not entirely) logicAL OFTen.
13 Stomach ringer, Yankee (5)
BELLY - BELL (ringer) and Y (yankee).
15 Girl’s casual trousers (5)
JEANS - double definition.
20 Finally, tea is drunk we had requested (5)
ASKED - last letters of (finally) teA iS drunK wE haD.
22 Ringroad has part that’s got spoken about (7)
ORBITAL - BIT (part) with ORAL (spoken) containing it (about).
24 Frantically bind edge, after cutting sheets etc (7)
BEDDING - anagram of (frantically) BIND EDGe excluding the last letter (after cutting).
25 Fine southern cathedral city (5)
WELLS - WELL (fine) and S (southern).
26 Fish found in rock, missing head (4)
HAKE - sHAKE (rock) without the first letter (missing head).
27 Tale, altered in the middle, following the setter’s puzzle (7)
MYSTERY - SToRY (tale) with the letter 'e' replacing the 'o' (altered in the middle) after MY (the setter's).

1 Girl with salesman turned to see mother (6)
PAMPER - PAM (girl) and a reversal of (turned) REP (salesman).
2 Nineteen euro needed for a shrink’s special cell (7)
NEURONE - hidden. Remove some of the letters from the front and back of (for a shrink) nineteeN EURO NEeded.
3 Old people I notice close by, within hearing (5)
ICENI - I then a homophone of (within hearing) "see" (notice) and "nigh" (close by). I have always (it seems wrongly) pronounced this eye-see-knee.
4 Get back whence you came! Sentiment about Henry and me (2,4)
GO HOME - GOO (sentiment) containing (about) H (Henry), then ME.
6 Gents maybe assuming bike races to be a children’s game? (5)
LOTTO - LOO (gents maybe) containing (assuming) TT (bike races). Didn't equate this with a children's game.
7 Number I catch in New York (6)
NINETY - I and NET (catch) in NY (New York).
8 Leave caveat to be resolved (6)
VACATE - anagram of (to be resolved) CAVEAT.
14 Beethoven maybe primarily dealt with imperfection in ear (6)
LUDWIG - first letters of (primarily) Dealt With and Imperfection, all in LUG (ear). He did alright, and earns my COD.
16 Girl a shade upset by fib (7)
NATALIE - A and TAN (shade) reversed (upset) then LIE (fib).
17 Graduate hiding in tree, beneath king’s citadel (6)
KASBAH - BA (graduate) inside (hideing in) ASH (tree), all after (beneath) K (king).
18 Odd, exotic jewel, a fair attraction (6)
DODGEM - anagram of (exotic) ODD, then GEM (jewel).
19 Flamboyant Alf turned bashful (6)
FLASHY - reversal of (turned) ALF, then SHY (bashful).
21 Camera makers put out by lack of light — not right (5)
KODAK - KO (knock out, put out) and DArK (lack of light) missing the 'r' (not right).
23 Gets out some crockery? (5)
BOWLS - double definition.

Times 28041 - on this day, July 28 ...

... in 1928 the IX Olympiad began in Amsterdam, and in 1984 the XXIII in Altanta; how will the XXXII Tokyo  Olympiad be remembered, I wonder, prompted by the answer to 8d?
I found the top half of this puzzle easier than the lower half, taking about half an hour all told, then spent a while reading about 26a who, it seems, was not your run-of-the-mill philosopher and verging on bonkers.
Nothing unknown or hard to parse here, although it took me a while to get my LOI 19d, it being a northernism not in my everyday vocab.

1 One who’s cunning by filling seats from the back (8)
SLYBOOTS - STOOLS (seats) has BY inserted and then is reversed (from the back).
6 Upset with vegetables I had rejected (6)
DISMAY - YAMS I'D reversed.
9 Jaws of whale possibly catching swimmer back in seaside town (5,8)
GREAT YARMOUTH - A GREAT MOUTH (the jaws of a whale possibly) has RAY reversed inserted.
10 Sweet easily chewed? (6)
TENDER - double definition.
11 More than one intended to invest new money (8)
FINANCES - FIANCES has N inserted.
13 Ten labouring on a chain — harsh (10)
15 Oddly, the Welsh river in England (4)
TEES - alternate letters as above.
16 Fancy woman seen with that bloke (4)
WHIM - W(oman), HIM.
18 Biscuit type and bloomer to the left? (6,4)
BRANDY SNAP - BRAND (type), then PANSY reversed.
21 Gaudy stock stuffed in pocket (8)
TINSELLY - SELL (stock) inside TINY (pocket, small).
22 Day coats unfashionable in dyed sheepskin (6)
MOUTON - MON (day) coats OUT (unfashionable). I knew the French for sheep so just popped it in. Apparently in N. America they mess about with sheepskin to make it look like beaver skin, and call it mouton fur.
23 Teen chose wrong oven dish (6,2,5)
CHEESE ON TOAST - (TEEN CHOSE)*, OAST an oven for roasting hops.
25 Fireman back shortly, fine to go in (6)
STOKER - STER(N) = back shortly, insert OK= fine.
26 Old philosopher stops gathering old information (8)
DIOGENES - DIES (stops) insert O and GEN (info). Diogenes was a rather odd character, it seems, he lived in a large jar in the marketplace and wandered around with a lamp in daylight.
2 Pickled, like worms, say? (7)
LEGLESS - amusing cryptic definition, pickled as in inebriated.
3 The necessary goodness in stuffing ingredient (11)
BREADCRUMBS - BREAD (a necessary thing), CRUMBS ! (Goodness !).
4 Heading off rat, aquatic animal (5)
OTTER - ROTTER (rat) loses R.
5 Pixie lover's sent up a bit (7)
SNAFFLE - al reversed; ELF (pixie) FAN'S (lover's). A horse tack thing.
6 After vandalising Monet, dad and I ran! (9)
7 Individual cut, minimal amount of money (3)
SOU - SOUL loses L.
8 Competitor in lather out of bounds having caught obstacle (7)
ATHLETE - Lather "out of bounds" gives ATHE, insert LET = obstacle, legal meaning.
12 Nothing in season, Augusta having exported American plays (3,1,7)
NOT A SAUSAGE - remove US from AUGUSTA = AUGTA, anagram that with SEASON: (SEASON AUGTA)*. Does this phrase work abroad?
14 Device administering drug when mountain climbing rule is broken (9)
NEBULISER - BEN (mountain) climbs = NEB, (RULE IS)*.
17 Bob, say, helmeted Irish copper? (7)
HAIRCUT - IR CU (Irish copper) is "helmeted", i.e. has HAT put around it.
19 Free choice at junction, regardless (7)
ANYROAD - Any road being a free choice at a junction; ANYROAD means the same as anyhow, oop north.
20 Column penned by perhaps bitter advocate (7)
APOSTLE - POST (column) inside ALE (perhaps bitter, beer).
22 “Head for Munich”, German saying (5)
MOTTO - M (head for Munich) OTTO (German chap popular in crosswords).
24 Time to dispense with leader — oh no! (3)
EEK - WEEK (time) dispenses with W. EEK! I've finished blogging already! Just need to add a few words of intro and a meaningful title.

  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 28040

Solving time: 38 minutes. Quite straightforward. I imagine the speed merchants will report very fast times.

Edit 07:20: After reading reports from the first seven conributors it seems the puzzle was not as straightforward as I had thought. Perhaps the picture will change when the UK contingent turn up.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

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Times 28039 - "Come on down to my boat....

Time: 19 minutes
Music: Prokofiev, Symphony 5, Karajan/BPO

Well, another easy Monday, at least for me.   I didn't even get to side 2 of the symphony during my quick solve, but then I went on to another puzzle and got exactly two answers during the third and fourth movements.

This puzzle was actually good for an easy one, and there were a lot of subtle touches that I didn't notice as I put in the evident answers.    No special knowledge is required, although I struggled to get Comintern out of my brain - could that have been Cominterm?   No, it was not, and that was my last one in.   The other trick is that if you are biffing inamorata, check to make sure it's not inamorato, as it can sometimes turn out to be.

1 One who’s given pledge with complete ease, we hear? (9)
WARRANTEE - W + ARRANT plus EE sounds like EASE.
6 Lamb originally slaughtered for a Hebrew prophet (5)
ELIAS - ELIA, + S[laughtered], Charles Lamb again.
9 Part of hospital technology the French authorise (7)
ENTITLE - ENT + IT + LE, a compendium of crosswordese.
10 Society shunned by NE European scholar (7)
ETONIAN - E[s]TONIAN, a scholar in the sense of a schoolboy.
11 US politician defending one’s religious faith (5)
DEISM - DE(I'S)M, the most common abbreviation.
12 Group of universities that is vaguely organised centrally? (3,6)
IVY LEAGUE - anagram of I.E. + VAGUELY, and I have no idea why centrally is there either.
13 Beware entrance to such underground hollows (5)
CAVES - CAVE +   S[uch].   Cave caves!
14 Ringer’s appearance acolytes initially approve of (9)
LOOKALIKE - LOOK+ A[colytes] + LIKE.
17 African city reached by libertine in thirty-one days (9)
MARRAKECH - MAR(RAKE)CH, surprisingly, not a chestnut.
18 The cheek of some musicians! (5)
BRASS - Double definition.
19 Eg Henry’s report of labourer chased by dangerous reptile (9)
NAVIGATOR - Sounds like NAVVY + GATOR - that Portuguese king.
22 Figure of Greek character with medical degree (5)
24 Men in company crossing over major river (7)
ORINOCO - OR IN (O) CO, more cryptic cliches.
25 Outward appearance of water sport champion (7)
SURFACE - SURF ACE.   Surfing is featured in the Olympic Games this year.
26 Saunter extremely meekly around old Kent area (5)
MOSEY - M(eekl O S.E.)Y.
27 Creepy type calls, mostly having nothing on! (4,5)
1 Brandish knife finally in outback (5)
WIELD - WI([knif]E)LD.   Wield usually means more than brandish.
2 When a sportsman’s shot he’s expected to make a recovery (9)
RETRIEVER - Cryptic definition of a bird shooter's canine companion.
3 Plant given airtime as broadcast (9)
4 Scattered glitter on oxherd, an unsophisticated neighbour (3,4,4-4)
THE GIRL NEXT-DOOR - Anagram of GLITTER ON OXHERD- that I'd like to see!
5 Each and all: though not all dads’ female offspring, do we infer? (5,7,3)
EVERY MOTHERS SON - Cryptic hint.
6 Raise fine collected by the first lady (5)
7 Sugary coating unwelcome on aircraft (5)
ICING - Double definition.
8 Crazy old nurse’s point? Not so (9)
13 Firm master’s first in class, a source of leftist propaganda once (9)
COMINFORM - CO + M[aster] + IN FORM.
15 Warning initially given by teacher over waxy secretion (9)
AMBERGRIS - AMBER + G[iven] + SIR upside-down.
16 Lover shortly taking time in Royal Academy area (9)
20 Conveyors of blood belonging to relative in sanatorium (5)
VEINS - hidden in [relati]VE IN S[sanatorium].
21 Splendour of head of green parrot (5)
23 Note ultimately made after upsetting part of speech (5)
BREVE - VERB upside-down + [not]E.

QC 1925 by Pedro

FOI was the well signposted anagram at 1A, and funnily enough I think my LOI was the next clue in order, 8A, which I just didn't see until the end. No particular standout COD but I think I'll go with 11D for neatness of surface.

No problems with solving any of the clues for me really, just my usual problem with reading them. Now that I am allowed to I really must make a catch-up appointment with my ophthalmologist as I think my prescription has changed significantly during the lockdown. Many thanks to Pedro (whom I have come across only infrequently in my time as blogger) for an enjoyable start to the week.

are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it as simply as I can.

1 Rebuilt each, partly following a model (10)
ARCHETYPAL - straight anagram: 'rebuilt' EACH PARTLY.
8 Dances with wife following a puzzle (6)
JIGSAW - JIGS (dances) + A + W (wife (W) following A).
9 Very unfortunate time, with export from Cuba brought back (6)
TRAGIC - T (time) + RAGIC (CIGAR (export from Cuba) 'brought back').
10 This could supply waterwhat do you think? (4)
WELL - double definition. "Well? What do you think?".
11 Inclination to write song (8)
PENCHANT - PEN (to write) + CHANT (song).
12 Uncommon panic about Conservative (6)
SCARCE - SCARE (panic) 'about' C (Conservative).
14 Meaning to get stuff from abroad? (6)
IMPORT - double definition.
16 Note heartless opponent finding monument? (8)
MEMORIAL - MEMO (note) + RIvAL ('heartless' opponent).
18 Compete to restrain constant crime (4)
VICE - VIE (compete) 'restraining' C (constant).
20 Flan rapidly cut by that man (6)
QUICHE - QUICk (rapidly 'cut', i.e. with last letter removed) + HE (that man).
21 About to show signs of exertion, returning for a quick snooze (6)
CATNAP - CA (contraction of circa, Latin for about) plus PANT (show signs of exertion) 'returning' (i.e. reversed).
22 Gloomy note disrupted study of insects (10)
ENTOMOLOGY - straight anagram ('disrupted') of GLOOMY NOTE.
2 About to capture hydrogen in river (5)
RHINE - RE (about) 'capturing' H (hydrogen) + IN.
3 Swindler almost entirely ruthless, sadly (7)
HUSTLER - anagram ('sadly') of most of the letters ('almost entirely') of RUTHLESs.
4 Draw tops of the old windows (3)
TOW - tops, i.e. first letters of, The Old Windows.
5 Chance of success? Work up talent, I fancy (9)
POTENTIAL - PO (work 'up', i.e reversed in this down clue) + anagram ('fancy') of TALENT I.
6 Restraint for dogs beginning to hunt beyond meadows (5)
LEASH - LEAS (meadows) + H (beginning to Hunt).
7 Champion, with something short of a bullseye (6)
WINNER - W (with) + INNER (something short of a bullseye).
11 Identification adopted by current leader (9)
PRESIDENT - ID (identification) 'adopted' by PRESENT (current).
13 New reporter cuddling that woman’s little angel (6)
CHERUB - CUB (new reporter) 'cuddling' HER (that woman). I am glad to see that Pedro is obviously an equal opportunities employer, balancing things up as he does against 'that man' in 20A!
15 Crucial US city to important figure, on reflection (7)
PIVOTAL - LA (US city) + TO VIP (to important figure) 'on reflection', i.e. all reversed.
17 Individual bringing in copper when required (2,3)
ON CUE - ONE (individual) 'bringing in' CU (copper, chemical symbol Cu).
19 Family beginning to generate loud noise (5)
CLANG - CLAN (family) + G (beginning to Generate).
21 Odd bits of charm in English river (3)
CAM - just what it says on the tin: the 'odd bits' of ChArM.