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6:03, finishing with MONSOON (7dn) and BONBON (11ac).  Held up in the SW corner by a cocky MIRACULOUS at 17ac (MARVELLOUS), and less badly at 7dn by a speculative MIN—, but otherwise a reasonably smooth solve.

I'm with ulaca on "good over" = MAIDEN.  Any ascription of goodness comes from a certain point of view, but here there's a clear default, because an over is tied to a given bowler (barring e.g. sudden injury, I suppose, though I don't know what the protocol is for continuation afterwards) in a way that it's not tied to a given batsman.  Of course, a batsman might be said to have had a good over, just as a commentator might; but I think it's fair for a setter to treat a good over tout court as one that's good from the bowler's point of view.

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