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Mar. 15th, 2012 (UTC)

A quick solve today helped by some easy constructs (B+arrow, Rev+elation, Port+ending, A+l+armed, (F)lawless), simple anagrams (Stratagem, Sheikdom, Gold Medal) and plain definitions. Made a careless mistake at the end with Snowball not Snowfall. D'oh!

20 minutes which is about as fast as I get. LOI Guys. You're right about the Guy Fawkes, Guy's teaching hospital reference George. I'm glad there was only one unchecked letter - not sure I'd have got it from say G?Y? or ?U?S. Thought this one might cause problems for non-UK solvers.

Cherry for new ball raised a smile.

Will today be the day that sircharrington completes his first puzzle?!

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