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As one who put smuggler from checkers alone, and had to look up disbelievingly to see if there was a word "muggle" I feel I ought to contribute to this thread. I actually used google first up so it was pretty clear from the outset, but I wonder if muggle makes any of the reference books we are supposed to use - Chambers et al.

My slant here is that the question of relevance is perhaps not the key point, but there should be consideration as to whether there is too much of a taste/choice/split element. The general in general knowledge to me implies that it covers a wide cross section of the public, not necessarily a great number, nor a high quality thereof. So if only the learned knew of a fact or person, but it was the learned of many places and who were not easily linked with one connection alone, then this defines GK.

With regard to Harry Potter, it is very much a taste or choice to read this, and so may be unfair to those who havent. One reason I think the "dead" rule is a good one is that over a certain time things become historical fact and those that survive can be deemed to be GK. Time will tell whether Harry Potter does that. Clearly the Beatles (although not dead per se) have done something like that, whereas perhaps Oasis have not.

One other parallel I suggested before was that along these lines, perhaps anything overly christian may be deemed unfair since it is not reasonable to suggest that a muslim, atheist or anyone else of a non christian leaning should be familiar with the minutiae of the religion. That said, I wholly appreciate that much of the tradition has been around long enough to creep into the common psyche, but the principle I believe is still valid.

...enough now, places to go, people to see!

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