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Mar. 9th, 2012 (UTC)

ARGHH! 23 but my drum roll was a TARADIDDLE, for no good wordplay reason and (apparently) no good definition reason either. In my defence, rap is not in the least popular with me. BEAR gave me no end of trouble: there are words for ill-mannered people - brat and boar, for example, and the alternative meaning of hack refused to intrude on my thinking. I was once describe as "a big friendly bear of a man" in the Evening Standard: it never occurred to me they were being critical of my manners.
Oh well. Add me to those who, tuning in to the obscurity of some of the cluing, wondered where the University of LE was, tried several CRACK-somethings and (I'm sure this is a group that will grow) didn't think FRONT OF HOUSE really worked. Front of house, I suppose is the place that decides where the audience are going to sit, but...
I also decided INMATE was a sort of semi &lit - a ruling for a prisoner being in, mate!, probably in an Aussie court.
Miffed enough not to award a CoD, though BROKEN IN was nice for less than usual country.

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