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Another rather gentle Mephisto for Christmas week - a little harder than some recent offerings but certainly not arduous. For some reason two word answers were flagged as (4,8) for example rather than just (two words). I trust this is an error and will not be repeated.

I have one query at 6D over parsing and a guessed misprint at 17D. I suspect overseas solvers will struggle to understand the Fish reference at 4D. However today's forecasters accurately predicted the 80mm of rain that fell in under 24 hours, including when I was writing this blog. The results are shown in the picture!

1EDH - (n)E(d)D(i)H; better known as "eth" the barred D in Old English;
4RAGTOP - R(A-GT)OP(e); guy=rope;
11FROM,FORDONNE - F(ROMFORD)O(NN)E; FOE=Friends Of The Earth; ROMFORD is famous for nurturing Steve Davis and the dog track;
12FONE - sounds like "phone"; old foes;
14COOTIE - CO-O-TIE; CO=Colorado; couple=TIE; head louse;
15REALO - RE-A-LO(t); ein grüner Wahlkämpfer;
16JACOBIN - J(A-C)OB-ER; are=A; C from C(atch); reference the Jacobite rising of 1745;
18VERMEIL - (fever film - f - f)*; scarlet is definition;
23MANGOES - MA(gone)*S; MAS=une ferme en Provence;
24PERIAPT - PER-I-A-PT; a=PER; A=American; PT=port; Waggledagger amulet;
27CRAMP - C(RAM)P; CP from C(u)P;
29ATTARS - (strata)*;
31ILEX - I-LEX; I from I(nsurance); law=LEX;
32CANTANKEROUS - (not an a sucker)* a=absolute;
34ODA - O(ttoman) D(amsels) A(accepted); room in a harem;
2DROOB - DROO(p)-B; a wimp in Wagga Wagga;
4RMETS - R-STEM reversed; (Michael) Fish, the most infamous weather forecaster of all time, belongs to The Royal Meterological Society;
5AFFINED - A-F(FINE)D; FD from F(eu)D; related to is the definition;
6TREHALA - TRE(H)A(t)-LA; I think - the LA appears to be unclued; Turkish food is the definition;
7POLE,ON - POLE-ON; rod=POLE; Australian slang;
8ANOA - AN(O)A; O from O(x); Indonesian buffalo (and troop carrier);
9UNALIVE - U-NATIVE with T changed to L(ost);
10HEDONISTS - HE(DON)ISTS; theft=HEIST (very appropriate in 50th anniversary year of Great train Robbery);
14CEVAPCICI - (civic place - l=left)*; small Slovenian sausages;
17BOOGALOO - B-OO(GAL)OO; I think "talking" is a misprint for "taking"; Latin dance based on the samba;
21UNSTEEL - (s)UN-STEEL; reference David Steel, one time party leader;
22DIMITY - DIMIT(r)Y; r from R(ussia); stout white cotton;
25STIRS - S(T)IRS; T from (fron)T;
26FREUD - F(R)EUD; reference Lucian Freud;
28ACNE - AC(N)E; N from (conditio)N;


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Dec. 29th, 2013 12:57 pm (UTC)
6dn is Hal in an unfinished Treat (deal with)
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